Preserving Milton’s Historical Heritage

Milton, Massachusetts is a great place to visit especially anyone takes pride in local culture. Milton has beautiful greenery and opulent historical heritage and provides easy, simple access to Boston. Established in 1662 between the Blue Hills and the Neponset River, Milton offers an abundance of beautiful scenery – a true feast for the eyes and mind. The first impression of Milton for most people is of unique Victorian homes with beautiful verandas, inspiring lawns, tree-lined streets, and some of the best schools in the country. The Milton Historical Society, located in The Suffolk Resolves House, is committed to safeguarding this valuable city by gathering, distributed and displaying records and antiquities.

The Milton Art Center, situated on Edge Hill Road in Milton, Massachusetts, is a retreat for people of all ages who are interested in art. The place is known for its workshops, classes, concerts, and non-profit events, where people can find inspiration and purpose to improve and work on their artistic talents. For those interested in trying out yoga, the Milton Art Center has yoga classes. Some of the other exciting events at the Milton Art Centre include garden parties, art festivals, summer youth programs, and other benefits events.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA and is involved in various community events and programs. He is committed to helping make his hometown a better place. As an artist, he has captured the beauty of Milton’s unique sunsets several times. Matthew is not only a musician and an artist but a responsible member of the community.