Matthew Scott of Milton, PA – Dedicated to the Art of Music

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is nothing short of an expert when it comes to artistic expression and the many forms in which one can express themselves in creatively. He is well known as a professional musician, photographer, and painter who has the ability to generate a great deal of success in all three capacities of the artistic world. He has been playing the guitar since he was a child and has rarely gone a day without picking up his instrument and practicing.

Not only is Matthew Scott proficient at guitar, but he is also talented at several other instruments as well, including the piano, the drums, and the ukulele. He thoroughly enjoys playing music for people and seeing the faces of his listeners when the make a genuine connection to the sounds they hear. He currently plays guitar professionally for a local band near his hometown and travels around the North East as they play in a wide variety of venues. His favorite part about playing in a band is the opportunity he gets to write songs and have them played or people all over to hear.

Not only does he travel in order to play music for others, but traveling also satisfies his desire to express himself through photography. He is always capturing moments from his trips and the great musicians he hears in concert along the way.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is a multi-talented artist with a growing fan base due to his success as a musician, a photographer, and a painter. A number of people in his home town keep up to date with his latest projects and the next concert his band will be playing. His love for the guitar is owed to the ability it has to capture the attention of so many people.

He believes that music is a genuine conduit to reach people through because everyone can relate to some form of music even if there aren’t any words to a song. Matthew Scott of Milton, MA also enjoys the other opportunities that being a musician offers him artistically. Being on tour and seeing several different artists play on a regular basis allows him the opportunity to hone his skill as a photographer. His main subjects for photos as of late have been musicians on the job, which has afforded him with several publications in music news outlets.