So, You’re Ready to Buy Your First Acoustic Guitar – Where to Start

Buying your first guitar is an incredibly thrilling experience, a life-changing moment that many people would be hard-pressed to forget. With such a variety to choose from, it’s apparent that each guitar has its own personality, a tonal wavelength that manifests so differently depending on the instrument. Making sure that you find the right fit for you is the first step in your musical career, whether it be a hobby or the desire to play professionally one day. Here are a few ways to ensure your perfect fit.

  1. The first question, of course, is what will your budget allow? It’s very important to note that you can get a fantastic guitar for $300 rather than $3,000. If you need to make a choice between putting more money into the guitar and splitting your budget between the guitar and accessories, always choose to put more money into the guitar. Accessories can come later and no amount of bells and whistles will make your guitar sing more clearly.
  2. Do your research once arriving at the store. Pick up as many guitars as you can at first and get a feel for different styles and sizes. Though you may not be able to get the guitar immediately that you feel most comfortable with, it’s still a great idea to log that information away for a day when you want to make that purchase.
  3. Listen from a distance as well as close-up. The sound that you hear while strumming up close may translate much differently from a distance. Make sure to hear the instrument from many different vantage points so that you get a full picture of the instruments range.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA, is an integral piece of the arts community in the Greater Boston area and beyond. He regularly tours with his band, with whom he has just finished recording a CD and is also an accomplished painter and photographer.


The Milton Historical Society – Preserving the Historical Integrity of Milton, Massachusetts

Milton, Massachusetts is a haven for anyone who appreciates local pride, an incredible amount of protected green space and a rich historical heritage combined with quick, easy access to Boston. Established in 1662 between the Neponset River and the Blue Hills, Milton is a feast for the eyes and the mind. When one thinks of Milton, Massachusetts, the first images that may first come to mind include original Victorian homes with long, lazy verandas, historical artifacts tucked safely away behind glass cases, tree-lined streets and impressive lawns of some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Housed in The Suffolk Resolves House, The Milton Historical Society is dedicated to preserving this precious city by collecting, publishing and exhibiting records and artifacts that share a piece of the story that is Milton, Massachusetts.

Artifacts that can be viewed at the Milton Historical Society include letters, journals, drawings, paintings, kitchen supplies and far more. The Society’s website also has an extensive collection of written works, timelines and historical narratives that deepen the cultural and historical significance of the city. The Milton Historical Society is open to the public on occasion. This year’s summer hours include June 14th, July 12th and August 9th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Please stay tuned for this year’s winter lecture series as well.

Matthew Scott, a musician and photographer who currently resides in Milton, MA, recommends a visit to the Milton Historical Society to garner a more holistic picture of the city. Matthew Scott Milton MA enjoys setting up his camera all over the city to portray a vibrant and exciting narrative of how the past speaks to the present in his hometown.


Matthew Scott of Milton, PA – Dedicated to the Art of Music

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is nothing short of an expert when it comes to artistic expression and the many forms in which one can express themselves in creatively. He is well known as a professional musician, photographer, and painter who has the ability to generate a great deal of success in all three capacities of the artistic world. He has been playing the guitar since he was a child and has rarely gone a day without picking up his instrument and practicing.

Not only is Matthew Scott proficient at guitar, but he is also talented at several other instruments as well, including the piano, the drums, and the ukulele. He thoroughly enjoys playing music for people and seeing the faces of his listeners when the make a genuine connection to the sounds they hear. He currently plays guitar professionally for a local band near his hometown and travels around the North East as they play in a wide variety of venues. His favorite part about playing in a band is the opportunity he gets to write songs and have them played or people all over to hear.

Not only does he travel in order to play music for others, but traveling also satisfies his desire to express himself through photography. He is always capturing moments from his trips and the great musicians he hears in concert along the way.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is a multi-talented artist with a growing fan base due to his success as a musician, a photographer, and a painter. A number of people in his home town keep up to date with his latest projects and the next concert his band will be playing. His love for the guitar is owed to the ability it has to capture the attention of so many people.

He believes that music is a genuine conduit to reach people through because everyone can relate to some form of music even if there aren’t any words to a song. Matthew Scott of Milton, MA also enjoys the other opportunities that being a musician offers him artistically. Being on tour and seeing several different artists play on a regular basis allows him the opportunity to hone his skill as a photographer. His main subjects for photos as of late have been musicians on the job, which has afforded him with several publications in music news outlets.