Matthew Scott of Milton, MA – An Artistic Genius at Work

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is a dedicated and highly motivated artist with the ability to succeed no matter the task placed before him. He is a professional artist who utilizes several mediums including music, photography and painting.

Not only is he considered a multi- talented artist, he is also an antique automobile enthusiast who has undertaken a number of restoration projects over the last two decades. He is deeply committed to his career as a professional artist, and he believes that reaching people on an artistic and personal level is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences one can have.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA has made quite a name for himself in his hometown of Milton, Massachusetts and has generated a great deal of success throughout the New England area. He is a lead guitarist and songwriter for a local band and has toured extensively throughout the North East. He has been playing guitar since he was a young child in school and seldom goes a day without picking up his instrument to practice or play. Whether onstage or in the studio, Matt truly loves creating music that touches people in some way.   He believes that music is truly “the international language that everyone understands.”

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is a multi-talented artist with a growing fan base due to his successes as a musician, photographer and painter. A growing number of fans follow him on social media to keep up with his latest projects and concert schedule.

Matt’s love of the guitar, in part, is due to its tremendous versatility. He plays genres from classical to alternative rock. He believes music is a powerful conduit to reach people since “Music is an international language that everyone understands.”

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA also enjoys the other opportunities that being a musician offers him artistically. Being on tour and seeing several different artists play on a regular basis allows him the opportunity to hone his skill as a photographer. He particularly enjoys taking photos of his fellow musicians when they are performing. Some of his work has been published online and in music publications.